NEWS 2016

May 17, 2016

The Servowatch ServoSentinel is an embedded computer module for industrial and marine automation


Stand-alone, the module provides a suitable platform for embedded Linux applications.


In conjunction with Servowatch established Winmon8 or Winmon9 software products, the module can provide high levels of integration for Integrated Platform Management Systems (IPMS) providing:

  • Real-time monitoring and alarm indication of a vessel’s propulsion and auxiliary plant systems.
  • Closed loop automation control using advanced scripting.
  • Interface of 3rd party systems using Serial, Can or Ethernet based data exchange.
  • Dual-redundant Ethernet networking.

 ServoSentinel Data Sheet


Dec 9, 2015



Servowatch,  has introduced a new trim and draught stability optimiser ServoTrim designed specifically to ‘balance the draught’ of SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) vessels.

The first ServoTrim system will be delivered to a Taiwanese shipyard for integration with a 22m wind farm supply vessel under construction for a UK-based operator.

Wayne Ross, Chief Executive Officer, Servowatch, said: “The need to calculate ship trim and draught is one of the most important measurements operators take to ensure vessel stability and safety. ServoTrim is designed to control a balanced draught for a vessel, providing automatic flow control after manual trim has been set.

“While the system is not a fully automatic dynamic stabilisation system, the system can be reset to automatically recognise the optimum trim and draught for different operational conditions, such as loading or unloading fuel, supplies and personnel.”

Press release for ServoTrim